Top 10 Niche Specific Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2021

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What would your reaction be if you wake up tomorrow and find a credit notification of $1677.40 smiling 😊 at you from your phone screen?

If you are like me, you would most likely jump out of bed in astonishment.

An affiliate marketer would not do that!

Why? Because he is used to sleeping and waking up to such alerts!

He promotes a product from his couch, goes to sleep, and wakes up to see that he has $1677.40 in his bank account from one of his affiliate sales.

That is the summary of the life of an affiliate marketer.

But, of course, you know that already.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here searching for the highest paying affiliate programs around.

But wait a minute,                              
Take this quiz to find it out.

By the way, I hope you already have an active website or a blog? You'll need either of those to kick start your affiliate marketing business.

If you don't have one, you need not worry. You can create one ASAP with WordPress.

It's cheap and easy to run. You don't need any coding or programming skills at all!

But if you don't like the idea of creating sites, you have the option of social media. Some of the programs I'm going to share with you in this post accept people who have only social media accounts.

social media share

Once your site/social media page is ready to go, the next thing you'll need to worry about is where you're going to find affiliate programs to join.

What are affiliate programs? You wonder!

According to Hubspot, "an affiliate program is an agreement in which a business pays another business or influencer ("the affiliate") a commission for sending traffic and sales their way."

So, to start making money while sleeping like those guys, all you need is to find a program to join. This program is where you'll find products to promote and get a commission.

As you may have guessed, not all affiliate programs are created equal.

While some are good for experienced affiliate marketers, others are specially designed for beginners, like you. Also, while some are high-paying, the commissions you get from some may be pretty low.

For a beginner affiliate marketer, I'm sure you're not only looking for the best affiliate marketing program for beginners, but you're also looking for the highest paying affiliate programs for beginners.

Luckily for you, we've compiled so many of them in this article.

To make it simpler for you, we've also broken our compilation down into a niche-specific categorization. This way, you can easily find affiliate programs relevant to your niche: Finance, travel, tech & gadget, Beauty, web hosting, health & fitness, etc.

Relevant Key points to note in the tables:

Affiliate Performance

This refers to metrics like accrued commission, number of clicks you're sending to the advertiser's site, etc.



This means you'll get paid a commission once someone from your site/social media page simply moves to the advertiser's site. It doesn't matter what they do there.



This means you'll get paid a commission once someone from your site/social media page completes an action on the advertiser's site. It can be buying, filling a form, enrolling, etc.

Cookie Life

It is the period when all actions made by someone – referred by an affiliate– on an advertiser's website commissioned to that affiliate.

Suppose the user clicks your affiliate link for that brand, and if he/she takes action in the cookie life (period), then only it will consider as a commission; otherwise, not. The higher the cookie life, the higher the chances.

1. Travel Niche Affiliate Programs

Travel Niche Affiliate Programs

Are you a travel blogger? A travel agency? A tour guide? Or a travel-savvy personality on social media? If so, you can make money from affiliate marketing by simply recommending relevant travel materials and resources to your audience (followers on social media or site visitors).

Below are seven of the best programs you can join to start earning commission from people’s flight tickets, hotel bookings, and vacation packages.

Name of Programs
Ease Tracking affiliate performance
Commission Structure
Available Affiliate Products
How do you get paid?
Acceptable Channels for promotion
Cookie Life


Through affiliate partners (CJ and Awin)

$0.15 –$ 0.75 per click

Only Hotel Bookings


Site And Social Channels

14 D


Directly on the Travelpayouts site

1.1-1.5% for flight bookings; 4.5-6% for hotel bookings

Flights, hotels, cars and other travel services.


Site And Social Channels

30 D


Through affiliate partner (CJ)

2% for hotel bookings and car rentals; 6% for cruise bookings

Hotels, flights, vacation packages



7 D

Directly on the site

Minimum of 4% for hotel bookings

Only hotel bookings



Immediately user exits the site


Directly on the Hotels Combined site

per lead

Only hotels



365 D


Directly on the Agoda site

3% of booking fee




1 D


Through affiliate partner (CJ)

$4 for flight deals, 3% for hotel or vacation package deals.

Hotels, Cars, Flights, Cruises & Travel packages


Site & Social Channels

30 D

Highest paying travel affiliate marketing programs

Best Travel Affiliate Program

For a beginner affiliate marketer, your best bet for making money from affiliate marketing is Hotels Combined. And the reason is that:

Your site visitors don't have to book anything before you get paid. They need to visit the HotelsCombined website and click on any of the hotels on display, and voila, you earn at least $0.5.

What's more?

If a user proceeds to book a reservation afterward, then you'll earn more money, up to $2.

It makes it easy to monetize your blog/site because, as a beginner travel affiliate publisher, you may find it hard in the early stages of your blogging experience to get people to make actual purchases/bookings.

But with Hotels Combined, you don't have to wait on visitors to purchase anything. Just create content good enough to send them to Hotels Combined.

How HotelsCombined works

HotelsCombined is a search site that allows travelers to compare accommodation prices from sites like Expedia,, Agoda, and

How the HotelsCombined Affiliate Program Works

As an affiliate, Hotels Combined will offer you a host of affiliate tools such as text links, banners, and widgets to refer traffic to their site. Once you install these tools on your site and someone clicks on any of them and checks out any of the hotels offers on display on the site, you will earn a commission. If the user goes ahead to make a booking, HotelsCombined will increase your commission accordingly.

What makes HotelsCombined Affiliate Program better than the rest
  • Hotels Combined pays as high as $0.5-$2 per click and lead. It is way more than TripAdvisor's meager $0.15 commission.
  • Unlike other programs in the table above, you can earn a commission even if your traffic does not make a booking. But you'll earn more if they make a booking.
  • Even if someone makes a reservation and cancels later, you'll still earn your commission.
  • You are offering a service to your readers, allowing them to find the best prices on accommodations.
  • Its 365 days’ cookie life is the best in the market.
  • Offers the additional benefit of helping you build a mobile app.
HotelsCombined Affiliate Tools

Hotels Combined offers links, deep-links, search boxes, feeds, and banner ads for your site. The new interface is straightforward to use. Just click "Products" at the top of the page to see the options.

How to apply for HotelsCombined affiliate program
  • Go to
  • On the home page, scroll down to the bottom of the site and click on the "Affiliate Program."
  • Fill in all the information on the sign-up page, check the agreement box, and click the "Join Now" button to finish.
Hypothetical case of how much you can make from HotelsCombined

Let's say you create a blog post about the "cheapest hotel deals in a given area" and publish it on your travel blog.

This post attracted an average of 1000 readers, 25% of which clicked the embedded HotelsCombined affiliate link to discover the cheapest hotels around them.

Naturally, that should fetch you a minimum of $125; $0.5 x 250 = $125. But since HotelsCombined is more concerned about the traffic quality, this figure can rise if a good percentage of the 250 people who clicked the link make reservations.

So hypothetically, let's say of the 25% who clicked on the link, half of them booked hotels, while the other half didn't book anything.

That would fetch you:

125 people clicked x $0.5 for each click = $62.5
125 people booked x $2 for each click and booking = $250
In total, that's $312.5

Now imagine if your blog attracts up to 10K visitors per post. How many qualifying leads do you think you will get?


2. Beauty & Makeup Niche Affiliate Programs

Beauty & Makeup Niche Affiliate Programs

Another popular and profitable affiliate marketing niche is the Beauty and makeup niche. As we already know, people love to look good! As such, they're always happy to shell out top-dollars to achieve the perfect face. Whether you're a fashion blogger, makeup artiste, cosmetics plug, or fashionista on social media, below are some fantastic beauty & fashion affiliate programs for you to benefit from.

Name of Programs
Commission Structure
Available Affiliate Products
How do you get paid?
Cookie Life

Sigma Beauty

10% commission on all sales

Makeup and cosmetic products such as brushes, eye shadows, etc.


30 D

BH Cosmetics

8% commission on all sales

Cosmetics products like lashes, liners, brushes


60 D


2.5% commission depending on the product

Makeup tools, fragrance, skin care, and hair care products


30 D


Up to 10% commission depending on the product

skincare, color cosmetics, fragrance and personal care products


30 D


$14 flat per sale

Subscription service for perfumes and colognes


45 D


10% commission
on all sales

Cosmetics products and tools like makeup pouch, vegan brushes, etc.


Lifetime (cookie stays active for life


10-30% commission

Hair care and hair loss products


60 D


5% commission

Luxury makeup, suncare, and skincare products


30 D



hair care and hair color products


30 D


8% commission

Makeup, anti-aging skincare products and perfumes


30 D

Highest paying Beauty, and Makeup affiliate marketing programs

Best Beauty & Makeup affiliate program

Although all the programs we've highlighted above are great options for beginners, the best is, no doubt,"Regenepure".

How much do you think you know about hair loss and hair care?

Take this test to find out.

If you're in the beauty industry (as beauty or lifestyle blogger or influencer), this is the program you want to join right away.

You can look some of the best features of Regenepure that makes it better than most affiliate programs in the beauty niche.

  • Earn 10-30% commission on the Regenepure products (to be honest, highest paying commission in hair loss brands)
  • A full 30% commission rate on qualified affiliates that reveal exceptional clicks and conversions
  • You get up to 50% discount on your RP product purchase
  • Affiliate-only special offers and season vice promotions with bonus incentives
  • Customizable banner images and creatives, keyword-rich text links
  • Free website content upon request
  • A 60-day cookie life offer
  • A chance to offer your blog and social media audience that hair care and hair loss solution that so craves
What is Regenepure?

The Regenepure products are formulated with only the finest ingredients with no parabens, sulfates, and harsh chemicals.

By becoming an affiliate partner, there is an opportunity to gain extra income and become Regenepure's brand ambassador to spread awareness to those finding solutions on various hair loss issues.

How does the Regenepure affiliate marketing program work?

The Regenepure affiliate program works on a CPA basis – that is, affiliates are paid based on the amount of sales they generate. It is not a pay-per-click program, which means that if you're only redirecting traffic to their site, you won't be rewarded without the traffic making purchases.

Although the program pays between 10-30% commissions on all sales completed, your chances of earning the full 30% will increase if you consistently get people to click on your affiliate link and patronize the brand.

Who is this program suitable for?

Regenepure is all about hair loss prevention and hair regrowth formulas; it is safe to say that their program is ideal for blogs based around hair loss, its causes, and its remedies. Fitting this affiliate into your overall content marketing strategy should be pretty easy.

Their products are straightforward and have a very good reputation in the overall hair loss niche.

Another perk of this program is that this easily allows you to dive into the health and fitness niche, as hair loss recovery is a significant subject in that field.

If you know what I'm talking about, I'm sure you see a more significant opportunity to expand your target audience and make more money.

How to join the Regenepure affiliate program

Joining the program is as simple as visiting the Regenepure's affiliate page and hitting the Join now button!

Hypothetical case of how much you can make from Regenepure

The least expensive Regenepure product currently sells for $20, and the costliest sells for $85.

It means that affiliates stand a chance to earn up to between $6 and $25.5 per product sold.

Now imagine that you're able to promote and bring JUST 30 sales per week to the Regenepure product line; that would fetch you between $180 and $765 in commission, depending on the products you sell.

For 50 sales, the figures would rise to between $300 and $1,275.

For 100 sales, you'll earn between $600 and $2,550.

And so on!

Earning 2k+ in just 30 days for promoting a product that solves your audience's problem is undoubtedly not a bad idea.

3. Dating Niche Affiliate Programs

Dating Niche Affiliate Programs

The dating and romance niche is another exciting field that's perfect for beginner affiliates. It is because the niche falls neatly under the three umbrellas of affiliate marketing – love, wealth, and health.

However, when you're looking for a dating affiliate program to join, it's crucial to choose a program that has credibility and reputation. As much as you're looking to make money, you don't want to recommend a scam website or a fake product to your audience.

It can be very easy for a beginner to fall into the hands of these sorts of programs because sometimes they have the finest-looking websites and aesthetics.

Luckily for you, we've done the heavy lifting. Below are not only the most-reputable dating affiliate programs that are there, but they're also the highest paying.

Name of Programs
Commission Structure
Year of Launch
How do you get paid?
Cookie Life


$10 for every completed registration questionnaire, and 30% for every completed membership referral



45 D


75% commission on any referred user who upgrades to a paid membership plan



30 D


75% commission on each sign up. 25% Additional bonus if you generate at least 30 subscriptions per month



120 D

Singleparent Meet

50% commission on every referred single parent



120 D

The Devotion

per sale



60 D


70% or $2.50 (Per Valid Female Registration)



Lifetime (cookie stays active for life

The Tao Of Badass

75% commission



60 D


80% commission on all completed signups



30 D

Highest paying Dating affiliate marketing programs

Best dating affiliate program

Our winner for the best affiliate program for a beginner in the dating niche is none other than:


And the reason is that:

You won't find a higher commission than 100%.

Yes, you read that correctly. Match pays its affiliates as high as 100% commission. The reason they're able to pay this much is that they also make money on advertisements.

Although the outright commission is 75%, you can earn a 25% bonus if you generate more than 30 subscriptions within one month.

How Match compares with the rest

Although Cupid comes close in terms of commission, Match tops the competition thanks to several reasons:

How does the Match affiliate program work?

The procedure of operation of the Match affiliate program is pretty simple. Simply refer users (your site visitors)to the Match website and get paid a minimum of 75% of any membership plan your referral opts for.

How to join the Match affiliate program

Go to by tapping this link. You should see a figure similar to the one below. Join via either of CJ or LinkShare.

A hypothetical illustration of how much you can make from the program

A one-month plan goes for $35.99. A three-month standard plan costs $19.99 per month, and the six-month standard plan costs $17.99 per month.

Let's now assume that you refer 100 customers per month to the site. Of this 100, twenty-five decides to try the site with a one-month subscription, another twenty-five chooses to try with a 3-month plan, and the remaining fifty chooses to go with the more exciting six-month offer.

For 25 one-month sign ups, you earn= (75% x 35.99 x 25) = $675

For 25 three-month sign ups, you earn = (75% x 19.99 x 25) = $375

For 50 six-month sign ups, you earn= (75% x 17.99 x 50) = $675

In total, you will have made $1,725 from just 100 referrals in one month!

Who is this program suitable for?

Since is all about singles seeking true love, anyone blogging about the relationship, dating, counseling, single parents, older people, flirting, finding true love, and even lifestyle can make money off this beautiful affiliate program.

  • Longer cookie life
  • The chances of getting users to sign-up on Match are higher than Cupid because Match's free trial phase doesn't offer the same features as the paid plans, meaning users cannot enjoy the site to the fullest if they don't pay. And once they pay, you earn your commission. With Cupid, however, people can join for free and still enjoy some basic features. Meaning someone can use your affiliate link to get into Cupid and stay there as a free member.
  • Of all the program staying as high as 75% commission, Match is the oldest and most significant. It means that your audience is more likely to trust the brand when you recommend it to them. They most likely know about it already. With close to 2 million users, Match is the fourth most popular dating site in the U.S, only behind Tinder, Bumble, and POF (Main).
  • No other program has the power to offer a 100% commission. In fact, according to Match, a 100% commission on a single sale (membership subscription referral) can sometimes amount to a figure as high as $134.91

4. Digital Marketing Niche Affiliate Programs

Digital Marketing Niche Affiliate Programs

Up until now, I know we've not discussed anything about the "digital industry." And you're probably wondering already whether or not we will. Well, here we are, and below are some of the highest paying digital marketing affiliate programs around.

Name of Programs
Commission Structure
Type of product you’ll be promoting
How much can you look to make from the program
Cookie Life


5€ when a referred user creates a free account. An additional 100€ when the user buys a subscription

Email and SMS marketing tools. Chat, CRM, and Marketing automation tools. Landing pages, sign up forms, retargeting, and Facebook ads.

In total you can make €105 per referral

90 D


30% commission

Email marketing tools for businesses

Plans typically sell for $20-$150/month. Meaning that you can earn between $6 and $45/month per referral

365 D


Up to $1000 per product purchased

Business CRM, Sales, and marketing tools

If your referral buys a starter pack you earn $250, $500 if they buy the professional plan, and $1000 if they buy the enterprise plan

90 D


You get $10 if a referred customer activates a trial account. You get $200 if the customer buys a subscription package

SEO and
competitive analysis tools for digital marketers

Up to $200 per sale

120 D


$15-50 or $10 CPA + 10% RevShare depending on how you want your commission. $150, 30%, and 50% commission for Fiverr pro, Fiverr Learn and AND CO purchases respectively.

Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, Fiverr learn, and AND CO

Depends on the service you’re referring

30 D


$100 for every new sale referred or 33% commission on every referred customer's lifetime payments

Landing pages, opt-in forms, webinar hosting, a CRM tool

Plans typically sell for $15, $49, $99, or can be negotiable. Meaning you can either earn $100 flat or between $4.95, $16.17, and $32.67.

120 D

Constant Contact

$5 when a referred user tries the free trail. An additional $105 when the user buys a subscription plan

Email marketing and social media management tools

A Total of $110 is a feasible number

120 D


30% commission on every completed sale

Email marketing, form building, subscription-billing

Pabbly product pricing range from $9-$37 monthly. Meaning you can earn anywhere between $2.7 and $11.1. Good news is that most users will subscribe for multiple months

30 D

Highest paying Digital Marketing affiliate marketing programs:

Best digital marketing affiliate program

We would have gladly opted for Hubspot as the best digital marketing affiliate program if not for the following limitations:

  • Its audience may be limited. Most business owners in need of CRM and sales solution.
  • Its commissions aren't recurring. Your $250 or $500 sales commission is one-time.
  • If you want to earn a commission from a referred customer, such a customer must not already be in an active sales cycle directly with HubSpot.
  • The customer must not cancel the program in the first 60 days.

Similar limitations go for a host of other programs on the list. Our winner, however, is "Sendinblue!"

Sendinblue because it is the ultimate and all-encompassing digital marketing solution for businesses!

Even the company's theme attests to that with the quote:

Your All digital marketing tools in one place

Irrespective of what a business' digital marketing needs are, Sendinblue is sure to have at least one, if not most, of the answers to them.

What does that mean for an affiliate publisher?

It is easier for you, as an affiliate, to make money from the Sendinblue program because you have a full range of products to promote. From email marketing to SMS, chat to marketing automation, CRM to website UX tools, and many more, you can bet that you'll always have something to sell.

The only question is: how much work are you willing to do to get the audience you need to buy these products?

Imagine that you generate 500 blog visitors monthly and of these 500 people, a small fraction of 2% buys a Sendinblue product. That's a whooping €1,050 monthly, from just ten sales!

Not to forget, there will be those who will only sign up for free accounts. And the commission from that is €5.

What makes the Sendinblue program better than other programs on our list?
  • An excellent cookie life. 90Days
  • It will be easy to find customers to patronize your affiliate links because SendinBlue offers one of the industry's cheapest email marketing tools.
  • It pays you on both pay-per-click (€5) and pay-per-acquisition (€100) basis.
  • There is a host of products to promote, which means you have the opportunity to tap into wider audiences. For example, you can target marketers with email marketing needs, website owners with landing pages, website chat automation needs, and business owners with marketing and CRM needs. And do so much more!

5. eCommerce Niche Affiliate Programs

eCommerce Niche Affiliate Programs

The E-commerce industry is another valuable industry you want to look into if you're seeking ways to make money as a newbie affiliate publisher.

Thanks to the diversity of eCommerce, there's no limitation about who can benefit from the numerous programs available in the industry.

Whether you're in the health, tech, fitness, travel, dating, lifestyle, Finance, or business niche, you can always find a relevant eCommerce affiliate program to promote and make money.

That said, below are some of the highest paying eCommerce affiliate programs.

Name of Programs
Commission Structure
Type of product you’ll be promoting
Who your target audience are
Cookie Life

Amazon Associates

Between 1% and 10% commissions from qualifying purchases and programs

Products from various categories, ranging from clothes, pet products, outdoors, lifestyle, luxury, beauty products, or what have you

Anyone interested in shopping online

1 D


7% per sale

Shoes, apparel, handbags, and housewares categories

Fashion, beauty,  lifestyle, and style audience

14 D


1-8% depending on the product category and sales volume

A variety of different products ranging from groceries, clothing, and other supplies

Regular online shoppers

7 D


8% commission on any referred sale

Items ranging from electronics to travel to outdoor living

Shoppers looking for unique gifts, Gadgets, Electronics, and services

30 D


Bronze - 20% commission
Silver - 25% commission (unlocked after 100 conversions)
Gold - 30% commission (unlocked after 1,000 conversions

Spocket’s subscription packages

Entrepreneurs interested in the dropshipping business

90 D

Ebay Partner Network

50 – 70% commission

Electronics, cars, clothes, collectibles & more

Everyday regular shoppers

24 hours for "buy it now" items, 10 days for auction items

Highest paying Ecommerce affiliate programs

Best Ecommerce affiliate program

Want to tap into the wealth of the eCommerce industry as an affiliate marketer? You need not look beyond Spocket.

What's Spocket?

Spocket is a platform where dropshipping entrepreneurs easily find winning products to dropship directly to their customers.

The Spocket affiliate program

Although Spocket isn't like conventional Ecommerce affiliate programs wherein you promote products directly for retail stores, its unique tiered-commission system makes it a superb option for anyone interested in earning multiple figures fast from affiliate marketing.

Thanks to their "the-more-you-refer-the-higher-your-commission" scheme, the company proudly boasts on their site that affiliates have the opportunity to earn as high as $1,080 annually per customer referred.

Now, imagine if you refer up to 100 customers in a year?

Wooooow!!! That's a lot of money.

The argument that may arise with this sort of program is that "will affiliate be able to find enough leads to refer?"

Unlike in the Amazon or Target program wherein you promote and get commissions from everyday items like clothes, shoes, etc., Spocket requires you to bring dropshippers to their site before getting paid.

Let's face it, that's not a simple task.

However, since Spocket provides liable solution to these drop shippers (helping them find winning products and dropshipping suppliers), you can expect many of your audience to jump at it when you propose it to them.

How to find Potential Spocket Customers

As a Spocket affiliate, your mission is to find dropshippers for the program. To do that, you will need to focus on the dropshipping niche. You can use many channels to reach out to drop shippers looking for suppliers and fast shipping.

These channels include:

Your blog

Starting a blog (only if you don't have one already) and focusing on dropshipping can be a great way to connect with newbie drop shippers and enthusiastic business minds, many of whom may not yet know about the existence of a solution like Spocket.

With proper SEO and high-quality posts, it shouldn't take too long before you start to bring traffic to your Spocket-centered articles.

Explore Communities

Exploring communities like Facebook groups can also be a great way to link up with drop shippers. Many newbie dropshippers are always on platforms like Facebook, and looking for help regarding suppliers who ship products fast or trending products.


With Quora, you can answer dropshipping-related questions in the best way possible, leading to upvotes from readers.

The more votes you achieve, the higher your answers rise on the Quora site.

To quickly connect with dropshippers, simply find dropshipping questions which have less popular answers and give them the most helpful answer by referring to your website or affiliate link.

How to join the Spocket affiliate program
  • Visit Spocket's affiliate page
  • Sign up for the program
  • Enter all the necessary details into the sign-up form
  • Complete the process and start getting paid!
Hypothetical case of how much beginners can make from Spocket

Spocket pricing plans currently go for:

Basic: $9
Pro: $49
Empire: $99

Now imagine that in your first-month partnering with Spocket, you referred 20 completed Empire plan sales.

This plan, which costs $99, will fetch you a first-time sale commission of $19.8 per sale (at 20% commission). And $396 for 20 referred sales in just 30 days.

If you refer up to 100 customers, your first-time sale commission jumps to 25%. Once you reach 1000 customer referrals, your first-time sale commission rises to 30%!

So, let's say after a few months of working with Spocket, you clock 100 referrals and referred 20 clients in the following month; your earnings for that month would be:

$99 empire plan x 25% commission rate x 20 sales = $495

When you reach 1000 customers, the hypothetical calculation for 20 referred sales becomes:

$99 empire plan x 30% commission rate x 20 sales = $594

That's just for 20 referred sales per month. Now imagine how much you're going to make if you can average, say, 100 sales per month.

6. Health and Fitness Niche Affiliate Programs

Health and Fitness Niche Affiliate Programs

When it comes to health matters, people are never hesitant to spend their hard-earned money. For affiliate marketers in the health and fitness niche, consumers' willingness to spend represents an excellent opportunity to earn some cool cash.

But to fully leverage this industry, one needs to join the best of programs.

Name of Programs
Commission Structure
Type of product you’ll be promoting
Who your target audience are
Cookie Life


30% recurring

Organifi products, which includes Green Juice – for daily detoxing, Red Juice – for increasing energy, weight loss, etc

People looking for:
Clean eating, strength training, weight loss, meal prep, bodyweight training, vegan/Vegetarian, bodybuilding etc.

60 D


40% base commission on every sale

Crazybulk’s bodybuilding legal steroid alternatives

People looking to build muscles



30-50% commission. Up to $350+ per sale

SellHealth’s anti-aging, weight loss, skin care, and sexual health products

People seeking to look younger, lose weight, get better in bed, and get better skin conditions.

30 D

NatalieJill Fitness

30-50% recurring commission per sale

Fitness and wellness coaching

People looking to improve mentally and physically


24 hour fitness

$1 on free signups. 8% commission on paid membership signups

Gym, fitness, and exercises

People looking to improve their fitness levels

30 D


15% commission per sale

Supplements, nutrient-dense and Earth-grown foods, and fitness equipment

People looking to improve their general well-being, fitness levels, and overall appearance

45 D


$20 on every referred sale

Genetic-focused Food products and diet plans

People looking for the perfect diet to live on. E.g Keto diet, Wayoan diet, etc.

90 D

Did you know? Health and fitness niche includes areas such as

  • Weight loss exercises and Muscle building
  • Healthy eating
  • Functional movement training
  • Nutrition plans
  • Diet
  • Health

Highest paying Health and Fitness Affiliate programs

Best Health and fitness affiliate program

In truth, all the programs we've highlighted above have great potential for bringing in good rewards for affiliates.

However, when it comes to the best program for affiliate beginners – based on possible revenue – we will go with SellHealth!

And that is because of:

  • They offer a wide variety of product line, which means they offer affiliates a chance to tap into various health sub-niches.
  • Mind-blowing commission rate. (up to 350+ per sale)
  • In two decades, the company has paid out over $50 million in commissions to affiliates. That confirms that this program is one of the best money-making channels around!
  • When affiliates refer to other affiliates, they offer them a 5% commission on every sale generated by the referred affiliate.
  • Dubbed as the "#1 Health Affiliate Network," SellHealth prides itself as one of the best ways on the internet for making a significant amount of money.
What is SellHealth?

SellHealth is a health-based company specializing in offering a wide range of health-related products intended for men and women. The company is renowned for including solutions for aging, sexual health, Beauty, hair care, and general well-being among the list of products.

Popularity and global acceptance of SellHealth's products

Even if you, a beginner affiliate, haven't heard about SellHealth's products before, chances are a good fraction of your audience has. For many years now, the company's products have been of great help to millions of people in the health industry. One only needs to check the reviews online to see how excellent the reputation of the brand is.

That said, below are some of the most popular products from their line:

  • GenF20 Plus (natural growth hormone booster for anti-aging)
  • HyperGH 14x (natural HGH supplement for bodybuilding)
  • Profollica (hair loss treatment system)
  • Provacyl (andropauseor "male menopause" treatment)
  • VigRX Plus (male enhancement pills)
  • KollagenIntensiv (anti-aging cream)
Who can be a SellHealth affiliate?

Thanks to the wide variation in their product line, you can be a SellHealth affiliate if you have an audience in any of the following categories:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Hair loss and hair care
  • Skincare, wrinkles, and anti-aging
  • Men and women sexual health needs
  • General health and wellness
Hypothetical case of how much beginners can make from SellHealth

The least expensive SellHealth product currently sells for $87, and the most costly sells for $245.

It means that affiliates stand a chance to earn between $26.1 and $73.5 per product sold at a 30% commission rate.

If you refer 50 sales per week to the SellHealth product line, that will fetch you between $1,305 and $3,675.

For 100 referred sales, the figures would rise to between $2,610 and $7,350.

And so on!

Let's not forget also pays you 5 percent of the total sale price of all products sold by your direct affiliate referrals.

Let's now imagine that you have some direct affiliate referrals making close to, say, $2,610 in commissions every month. That's gives you an extra $130.5 in passive income from each of such referrals.

So, all in all, a SellHealth affiliate can hypothetically earn:

$2,610 if he sells 100 of the least expensive SellHealth's product.

$130.5 if his referred affiliate also sells 100 of the least expensive SellHealth's product

Total income = $2,740.5

7. Website builder and Web Hosting Niche Affiliate Programs

Website builder and Web Hosting Niche Affiliate Programs

Below are the best web and web hosting affiliate programs for beginners.

Name of Programs
Commission Structure
Who your target audience are
Cookie Life


Earn $100+ when your referrals buy Wix Premium Plans

Website owners looking to build websites on the go

90 D

WP Engine

$200+ per signup

WordPress website owner looking for WordPress hosting service

180 D


Anywhere between $65 and $130 per sale

Website owners looking for hosting service

45 D


300% commission, up to $500 per referral

WordPress website owner looking for WordPress hosting service

90 D


300% commission, which can run up to $687 per referral

Entrepreneurs and business minds looking to build, promote, and grow their online store

45 D


200% commission, which can run up to $500 per referral

Entrepreneurs and business minds looking to build online E-commerce stores

90 D


60% commission, which can run up to $150 per sale

Website owners looking for hosting service

30 D


200% commission

Entrepreneurs and business minds looking to build and manage online E-commerce stores

45 D



Entrepreneurs and business minds looking to build online E-commerce stores


Highest-paying web builder and web hosting affiliate programs

Best website builder and website hosting affiliate program

For the website builder category, our winner is "BigCommerce"! And for the website hosting category, our winner is "Bluehost".

Why do we recommend them? You wonder!


Isn't it obvious already?

Their 200% referral commission and 90 days cookie duration are the best you'll get in the industry! Not even Shopify or Volusion comes close to this.

A 200% commission with BigCommerce can fetch you as high as $500.

Interestingly, since BigCommerce also boasts a solid reputation in the industry, affiliates shouldn't struggle to convince their audience to buy a plan with them.

Oh, lest I forget, you can earn as high as $1500 from a referred sale if the customer buys an enterprise plan.


Looking at the table above, it's evident that Bluehost isn't the highest-paying web hosting affiliate program around.

That title should fall to programs like Hostinger, WP Engine, and Flywheel.

So, why do we recommend Bluehost?

Unlike products like WP Engine, Bluehost web hosting services are pretty cheap, with plans starting at a low price of $2.95/month.

How does this concern you, as a beginner affiliate? You may wonder.

Well, what it means is that the cost barrier for signing up with Bluehost is low.

As such, it will be very easy for you to get lots of referrals because most website owners are always finding ways to cut their website building costs to the minimum.

What's more?

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies in the world. Even WordPress recommends them!

And unlike companies like Flywheel and WP Engine, their services are not limited to WordPress websites only, which means that you can promote Bluehost to virtually every potential website owner out there!

A hypothetical illustration of how much you can make from BlueHost

Imagine that you create a blog post educating business owners on the importance of websites. Then 100 people purchased a BlueHost package via your affiliate links to host their sites.

Your net earnings from this would be: $65 x 100= $6,500, as BlueHost pays affiliates $65 per each referred sale.

8. Tech & Gadget niche Affiliate Programs

Tech & Gadget niche Affiliate Programs

How much do you know about laptops, smartphones, tablets, VR glasses, hands-free, headphones, digital accessories, and stuff like that?

If you know so much, you might want to consider starting a tech & gadget blog.

Many consumers are always searching for reviews of tech gadgets on the internet to learn more about their soon-to-be devices or find the cheapest deals.

To be honest, most people buy digital products from recommendations by affiliate blogs.

As an affiliate marketer, you can make some money off this industry by providing these consumers with the information they need.

For example, you can create a blog post discussing the newest Apple product on the market, and then point potential buyers to an affiliate website where they can get the said gadget for a lower price or at a bonus offer.

PS: Many of the commissions you'll find in this niche might appear low. But don't let that discourage you! Remember that most of the gadgets you'll be promoting will cost top dollars (some smartphones, for example, cost over $1k+). As such, you can expect to earn some huge rewards.

Name of Programs
Commission Structure
Type of products you’ll be promoting
Cookie Life


Between 9-15% commission, depending on the product

Electronics, drones, toys, smartphones, computers, kitchen appliances, etc.

30 D


Up to 2.5% commission, depending on the product niche

Majorly computer, computer hardware, and computer parts

7 D


Between 1-3% commission on each referred sale

Computers, motherboards, components, memory and more

14 D


1-5% commission for every sale referred

Video game consoles, premium electronics, downloadable content & points, notebooks, laptops & tablets, etc.

1 D

Microsoft 365

Between $5-$20 per sale, depending on the Microsoft 365 product the user purchases

All the Microsoft 365 plans

30 D


They pay starting at 3% commission rate. But high-volume affiliates are eligible for higher commission levels.

Smartwatches, trackers, scales, etc

45 D


Between 4-12% commission

Smart home gadgets including Bluetooth and wi-fi speakers, intelligent heating thermostats, doorbells, motion detectors, window sensors, app-controlled light bulbs, etc.

30 D

Highest-paying tech & gadget affiliate program

Best tech & gadget affiliate program

Our pick for the best tech and gadget affiliate program for a beginner is "GearBest".

GearBest is the best place to find the best smartphones, tech toys, electronic gadgets, home appliances, sporting products, and apparel for geeks at unbeatable prices.

Thanks to the diversity of their products, GearBest represents one of the convenient ways for affiliate bloggers to make money online.

Introducing Gearbest

GearBest is a leading Chinese B2C global online electronics store. It aims to become the premier online electronics seller by providing an unparalleled selection of the very best gadgets, an unbeatable shopping experience, and prompt shipping, and exceptional customer service that exceeds customer expectations.

However, GearBest never goes down when it comes to shipping the items to its customers. It makes sure to deliver the items at the customer's doorstep, warranties on the products, and exceptional customer service.

How the GearBest Associate Program works

The basic funda of this affiliate program is that you get paid a commission for every successful sale you refer to GearBest. The commission rate may vary based on several different factors, but you'll find that most products are eligible for commission rates of between 9% and 15%.

Imagine that you refer ten $500+ Apple smartphone sales in a month at a commission rate of 10%.

That will fetch you a whopping $500 in earnings.

And that's just for "one product".

New Associates Incentives:

  1. Enjoy the full VIP Level commission rate (Up to 50%) in your first 30 days. Note: After the 30days, the commission level will depend on your early 30 days' sale amount.
  2. Earn $5 if you generate your first clicks; Earn $20 if you develop your first $200 sale amount.

9. Personal Finance and Investment niche Affiliate Programs

Personal Finance and Investment niche Affiliate Programs

Helping people get financial stability by giving them investment or personal finance advice is undoubtedly an excellent thing to do.

That industry – personal Finance and investment – is one of the best-performing on the internet today!

But don't you think you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts, too?

Of course, you do!

And one of the best ways to do that is by linking to profitable investing affiliate programs.

Name of Programs
Commission Structure
Type of products you’ll be promoting
Cookie Life

M1 Finance

Earn $100 instantly each time an account you refer reaches $1,000

Investment in ETFs and Stocks

30 D

Zacks Trade

$70 for every new customer account created

Stocks, Options, and ETFs

7 D

New Frontier Data

15% commission on all completed sales

Data and reports relevant for investing in the cannabis industry

90 D


20% commission if you refer a borrower. 30% commission if you refer a lender

Peer-to-peer business loans

45 D


$30 per lead

Real estate investment

45 D


90%. Earn up to $230 per lead

Payday loans and personal loans



Between $25 and $50

Bonds and mutual funds

45 D


$100-$150 for borrower leads

Peer to peer loan marketplace



$250 for every funded loan

Student loan plans

30 D


Between $75 and $150 per lead

Small business loans

30 D

Highest-paying personal finance and investment affiliate programs

Best Personal finance and investment affiliate program

For this personal finance and investment category, the best program we'll recommend for beginners is "LeadNetwork".

People may be reluctant to buy insurance plans from an online provider; people may not trust online investments' authenticity. But when it comes to borrowing money, nobody cares where the source is situated.

Therefore, if you join a loan affiliate program, like "LeadNetwork", you can bet that you won't struggle to make money come the end of every month because people are continually looking for loans.

Of course, there are other loan affiliate programs on the list, but our recommendation is LeadNetwork because:

  • They offer the most typical types of loans – personal loans and payday loans. Interestingly, these types of loans can be accessed by students, individuals, and business owners. It allows affiliates to market to wider audiences and earns money consistently.
  • Revenue share up to 90%, which can run up to $230 per lead.
  • Leads with a bad credit history are still considered for approval.
  • Full tech support provides their affiliates with servers for email marketing, various landing pages, forms, and content.
  • Industry-leading lead payouts. They're not afraid to lend people huge sums.
  • High approval rate. They rarely turn down leads.
  • Payments for declined leads. Even if they do turn down a lead, they'll still pay you something for sending the lead their way in the first place.
  • 3% referral bonus commission. Earn 3% off the earnings of any approved affiliate you bring to the network.
How to join the LeadNetwork affiliate program

You can join the program by simply registering via LeadNetwork's official website.

10. Affiliate Programs from other niches that need mentioning

Affiliate Programs from other niches that need mentioning

Although all the niches we've mentioned above are the highest paying affiliate niches for beginners, some programs belong to some low-paying affiliate niches that pay well, too.

We won't get into too much deeper into them, but here they are:

Rug Source

Rug source is a program that belongs to the home décor niche. Although the niche is not renowned for fetching affiliates top dollars, Rug Source stands out as one of the few. With an average order value of $784.42 and an affiliate commission of 30%, affiliates can expect to earn close to $235 per sale.

They offer a 180 days’ cookie duration, and their $798.58 EPC is proof that their affiliates are making a lot of cash.

Join RugSource affiliate program now.

Brentwood Home

Another program from the home décor niche that is also paying well is Brentwood Home. Since 1967, the company has been manufacturing handcrafted mattresses, pillows, and pet beds.

With an average order size of $807.28 and a 15% commission, affiliates can expect to earn close to $100+ per order over a one-month cookie life.

Join Brentwood Home affiliate program here.


Do you have an audience interested in learning one skill or another? Then MasterClass is the place for them.

It is based on the idea of learning the desired skill from one of the very best ranges of "celebrity" tutors, including writers, artists, photographers, musicians, etc. in the world.

Each class costs $90, but shoppers can buy a "season pass" for $180, which is probably what their average sale value indicates.

Affiliates are paid 25% of whatever their referrals spend within a 30-day referral window, but the program also rewards volume referrals.

So, if you can refer at least $1,500 in total sales per month, they will reward you with you a bonus of between $100 and $300.

Join MasterClass affiliate program now.

Taylor made Golf

It is widely reported that 58% of golfers spend between $1,000 and $5,000 each year on their sport/hobby.

It means that there is a potential for affiliate marketers to make money from this market if they know how to tap into it.

Luckily for them, that's where programs like "Taylor made Golf" come in.

With Taylor made Golf, affiliates earn a 6% commission per sale. It may seem like a very small number at first glance, you should remember that golfers spend huge sums on their sport (as we've earlier established). So, it's not uncommon to make sales in the region of $2k, $5k, etc.

Join Here !

Brain training four dogs

It is one of the pet care programs on our list.

Brain training four dogs is for those pet owners who are sick and tired of their dog's behavior. Via a video-module course, the company teaches dog owners how to handle their ill-mannered dogs.

The pay is 75% commission for each referred sale for affiliates, which can translate to something around $31 per purchase over a two-month referral window.

You can join Brain training 4 dogs affiliate program here.

Coach training alliance

Their 15% commission over a 30-day referral window usually amounts to $218 per sale because their average order value is $3,400. The company trains people looking to become certified coaches. So, your target audience will be aspiring coaches.

Join Coach training alliance affiliate program here.

Ticket Network

Ticket Network is the place people who want to sell event tickets go.

As an affiliate marketer signed up to this program, you'll be paid a 5% commission over a 30-day referral window for every lead you bring.

Don't let the number discourage you. 5% on Ticket Network can run up to as high as $24.50 because their average order value is $350. Now, imagine the number of tickets you can sell per event.

Join Ticket Network affiliate program today.

Best affiliate program for this “other niches” category

If we were to choose the best program for this category based on the profitability potential of a program, our top choices would no doubt be:

  • Rug Source; which has a profitability potential of $235 per sale.
  • Coach training alliance; which has a profitability potential of $218 per sale.
  • Brentwood Home; which has a profitability potential of $100+ per order.

But we’ll be going with “🏆TicketNetwork” as our winner for this category.

Looking at its 5% commission, and the fact that tickets can sometimes cost as little as $100, you might be wondering why we’ve chosen this program as the best for this category.

But I’m going to quell your curiosity by asking you this question: between rugs, luxury mattresses & bedding, online courses, and tickets, which one boast a greater tendency to sell a hundred pieces faster.

Tickets, of course!

My point here is that, it’s easier to sell a hundred tickets to an event than it is to sell a hundred units of any other item.

What’s Ticket Network provides access to a marketplace of more than $5.5 Billion in active ticket inventory to over 100k events worldwide.

How the Ticket Network affiliate program works

TicketNetwork's online exchange provides access to thousands of concert, sports, and theater events worldwide. Your direct traffic to by posting links, banners, and widgets on your websites or social channels. If that customer makes a purchase, you will earn a commission for your successful marketing.

How to join

Simply visit this page, TicketNetwork affiliate program, and hit the “Get started button.”

A hypothetical illustration of how much you can make from the program

Imagine that you sell just 100 pieces of a ticket that cost $100 per one at a 5% commission rate, that would fetch you a gross sum of $500.

And that’s just for one event!

You can imagine the number of Concerts, Sports, and Theater event that happen every week, every month, and every year.

Popular events you can sell tickets to make money include:

  • Musical shows: pop, rock, country, Hip-Hop
  • Festivals
  • Broadway
  • Las Vegas casinos
  • Sport events: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, MLB
  • Concerts


Making money on the internet just got better with affiliate marketing.

If you're willing to put a good effort, you can build an audience-base strong enough to fetch you thousands of dollars every month.

Once you've built your blog or social profile to the point where you think it's ripe for monetization, just scroll through this post and find the right program that fits your niche.

All the above-listed data and information have been obtained from each program's official website, so you have no reason to worry regarding whether a program is legit or too-good-to-be-true.

Your email address will not be published.

👍 Best Tip: You can promote more than one program for the same niche. In the form of comparison, so whatever viewer selects, you will definitely going to win the deal.
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